Classes with Geoffré Dominessy

Video: Finals of the Buenos Aires City Championship where Geoff and his partner (Couple #421) won the third place trophy in the category “Milongueros Del Mundo.”


Start the year improving and enjoying Argentine Tango in Knoxville!

Geoffré Dominessy, award-winning tango dancer and teacher who visited us this past November-December, will be coming back to Knoxville to teach four classes. All events will be held at the Flynn Dance Center


Saturday January 25th
3-4 p.m.: Power and Elegance in Argentine Tango
4:15-5:15 p.m.: Milonga and How it Differs from Tango

Sunday January 26th
3-4 p.m.: The ever-changing embrace, closed-to-open, side-to-side
4:15-5:15 p.m.: Cadencia de Vals, searching for a smooth dance in ¾ time

Saturday January 25th
9-11 p.m. (may be extended!)

Fees (exact amount in cash or check is requested)

Full Package (4 classes + Milonga)
Members $50
Non-members $65
Students members $15
Student non-members: $25

Per Class
Members: $15
Non-members: $20
Students: $5

Milonga only
Member or student: $5
Non-member: $10
(Members are welcome to bring a snack or beverage to share.)

Private classes with Geoffré will be available
Contact for information and scheduling.
(Note: You must be registered for at least one of the group classes in order to be allowed to schedule a private lesson).

The World Tango Championship at Luna Park where Geoff and his partner (Couple #282) were finalists in the category “Tango de Pista” (formerly Tango Salón).

Contact Connie Healy for more information.

Great learning opportunity this Sunday

Geoffré Dominessy will teach with Jola Rafinska a 75-min class right before our KATS milonga on Sunday the 24th at Absolute Ballroom (yes, it is this coming Sunday!).

The class will be: “Walking with D’Arienzo & DiSarli: Staccato vs. Legato in the Tango sense”

Surely, a not-to-be-missed event for your Sunday evening!

Fee for class AND milonga together: $15 for members, $20 for non-members

We will start the class at 5:30 pm, then have a 15-min break after the class and have our milonga from 7-9 pm. Please do join us!!

Geoffré will be coming back to Knoxville for a weekend workshop January 24-26. Details to follow. Here is his bio:

After serving as a Captain in the United States Army and deploying to Baghdad, Iraq, with the 10th Mountain Division, Geoff left the service and moved to Buenos Aires to fully dedicate himself to the study of Argentine Tango. Initially only planning to stay in Buenos Aires for six months, he ended up living in the Tango capital a total of three years.

During his time there he studied with

  • Ines Muzzopapa & Dante Sanchez
  • Alejandra Gutty
  • Aldana Silveyra & Diego Ortega
  • Mariana Dragone
  • Pancho Martinez Pey
  • Paola Tacchetti & Jose Luis Ferrarro
  • Paola Sanz & Facundo de la Cruz
  • Cristina Sosa & Daniel Nacucchio
  • Javier Rodriguez
  • Ariadna Naveira & Fernando Sanchez
  • Moira Castellano.

In 2013, along with his friend and then partner, Delia Hou, he was chosen as a Finalist in both the “Vals” and “Milongueros del Mundo” categories in Buenos Aires’ city championship (Campeonato de Baile de la Ciudad). In this championship Delia and Geoff won the third place trophy in the category of “Milongueros del Mundo.” A few months later in August they competed in the World Championships of Tango (Mundial de Baile,Tango de Pista). After ranking 7th in the semifinals of a championship with an inscription of over 400 couples, they were selected as Finalists. They danced and competed in front of an audience of over 5000 spectators at Luna Park, an honor and incredible experience that he will never forget.

Geoff has taught workshops in Wroclaw, Poland; Houston, Texas; Fort Polk, Shreveport, and Alexandria in Louisiana; and has taught private lessons in Buenos Aires. He also completed an administrative internship at Dance Manhattan in New York City. Geoff has returned to the US and continues his personal pursuit of an elegant yet powerful Tango. He looks forward to sharing what he has learned from the years he lived in Argentina and continues to seek excellence in his own dance.

Links to Championship Finals videos:


Milonga tonight (6-8 p.m.)

Juan Luis and Sodeya have graciously offered their home for our milonga this month. Having a home milonga was lots of fun last Friday and also helps us practice dancing in small spaces that are common in milongas around the world.

Fee (all collected funds will be given to KATS to build up our account so we’ll be able to organize future events):

Members: $5 per person (plus consider bringing a snack or beverage to share)
Non-members: $10/person; $15/couple.

If you plan to attend, please contact Juan Luis at for directions.

Note: Sorry for the lateness of the notice; my bad. –Leo

A fun Weekend with Felipe Martinez and his partner, Ayano Oyeda

Attending Felipe’s and Ayano’s workshop was pure joy. Felipe is a world-class teacher and dancer and we were fortunate to have him visit on October 19 & 20. It was also a treat to meet and learn from Ayano. We had two milongas with attendance of tango friends from Atlanta and Asheville, which made it super-fun!! During the Saturday milonga, we had to extend it for more than an hour (and people were still dancing!!!)

We thank Felipe and Ayano and look forward to seeing them again in the future.

Milonga TONIGHT!

We have decided to have a small milonga at our place (Juan Luis and Sodeya’s) tonight as a start for the weekend workshop and as a welcome to Felipe and Ayano.

If you would like to come please send an email to or through the Facebook page so we give you the address (and we know how many people to expect!)

Thank you and I hope you can make it!

October workshop with Felipe Martinez


What: Workshop with Felipe Martinez
When: October 19-20 (Sat/Sun)
Where: The Square Dance Center (Flynn Center)

Registration is now open!

To register for Felipe’s workshop, please give Ed (our Treasurer) your check at one of our practicas on Wednesday or Sunday, or mail it to KATS, P.O. Box 20271, Knoxville TN 37940.

Note the lower-priced fee if registration and money is received not later than October 13!

Saturday, Oct 19

1-2:15 p.m.: Tango Foundation

Posture, axis, walking and basic vocabulary for a smooth dance. Important concepts to dance better and build a solid structure.

2:30-3:45 p.m.: Fluid Turns Both Ways

Understanding the turn as one of the most important elements of the dance and how to use them for social dancing.

8-10:30 p.m.: Milonga featuring DJ Felipe Martinez

Sunday, Oct 20

1-2:15 p.m.: Sacadas

Technique, variations and interesting combinations. Spice your dance with these enjoyable elements.

2:30-3:45 p.m.: Milonga

Easy formulated for maximum fun. Conquer this rhythm and have so much fun that you will never stop dancing again.


(Exact amount in cash or check is requested.)

Full Package (4 classes + Milonga = 8½ hrs of learning and dancing)

  • If payment is received no later than October 13:
    • Member $70
    • Non-member $100
    • Student Member $40
    • Student Non-Member $50
  • After October 13 & at door
    • Member $100
    • Non-member $130.
    • Student Member $40
    • Student Non-Member $50.

Per Class

  • Member $25
  • Non-Member $35
  • Student $12

Milonga only

  • Member or student $5
  • Non-member $10.

(Members, please consider bringing a snack or beverage to share.)

Private Lessons*

  • 1 Hr Private Lesson with Felipe for one person or one couple: $100 + $10 floor fee.

(To arrange a time, contact Juan Luis at or 865-357-2870.)

  • Note: To be permitted to sign up for a private lesson, participant must also be signed up for at least one of the group classes.

For more info, please contact Connie or Juan Luis.



Thanks to April and Angel!

KATS members thank April Parker for coming to Knoxville this past weekend to teach her Mujer workshop. We really appreciate all her efforts and great tips to improve our dancing.

She made it fun—everyone had a good time while learning—a sure sign of an excellent teacher.

We also thank Angel Montero for DJing wonderful music and making our milonga so enjoyable. Everyone who was present greatly enjoyed the tandas and looked forward to April’s and Angel’s performance. What a treat!

We look forward to their coming again!

Mujer: A Workshop for Followers with April Parker

Coming September 28 and 29, this workshop focuses on follower’s techniques with in-depth mastery of movement. Leaders and followers are both encouraged to participate. There will be something for everyone!

All events will be held at the Square Dance Center (Flynn Center), 828 Tulip Avenue in downtown Knoxville.

Saturday, September 28

  • 4-5 p.m. “Perfect Essentials”: Posture, balance, weight/foot placement, connections (points of contact), responsiveness, embracing extension and weight transfer
  • 5:15-6:15 p.m. “Listening”: Gravity, boundaries, how to be ready for everything … pivoty, hippy chicks
  • 8:30-10:30 p.m. Milonga: Guest DJ: Angel Montero

Sunday, September 29

  • 1-2 p.m. “Different Personalities”: Tango, Vals, Milonga (become a different follower with the three rhythms of tango)
  • 2:15-3:15 p.m. “Handle Them with Coolness”: Technique for perfect and natural boleos and sacadas

Pricing is as follows:

Full weekend

  • KATS Member: $50 female; $25 male
  • Non-member: $70 female; $35 male.
  • Students: Half price

Individual class

  • $20 each

Milonga only

  • $5

To register, contact Connie Healy at or send your check to:


   P.O. Box 20271

   Knoxville TN 37940

Rick and Kimberly will be teaching this weekend

Throw on your dance togs and join Rick Harris and Kimberly Giernacky for an afternoon/evening of tango at Dance Dimensions.

The schedule goes like this:

  • 4-5 p.m.: Beginner’s class will cover tango fundamentals, technique, and steps for turning in the line of dance.
  • 5-6 p.m.: Intermediate/advanced class will focus on sacadas and elegant movements in the giro.
  • 8-10:30 p.m.: Milonga!
  • Cost: $12 for one class or $15 for both (a much better deal); $5 for the milonga.

Private lessons are available from 1-3 p.m., so get yourself scheduled (contact Rick at while you can.

Note: Our regular Sunday practica is cancelled.